The Xcast is live every Monday at 6pm EST on Spreaker.com

The Xcast is dedicated to bringing you a fun, adult based view of the world of comics, movies, TV, and more.  Sometimes its about deep conversations regarding the stuff we think you care about, and sometimes its just us ranting against the world.  No matter what direction the show goes, we promise it will be the best part of your week!

History of The Show…

The show started off as the Village Comics Podcast.  A show dedicated to reviewing comic books and promoting a small comic book shop the hosts owned.  The guys would have been happy with 3 listeners a week.  But to their surprise the show caught on, as listenership grew and Ken and J realized that they might actually be on to something they changed the name to The Vcast.  Gone were the shameless plugs for the store and they branched out into more topics and began doing the show LIVE!  The show was a hit, but the family friendly format was contested by listeners and they wanted to hear Ken and J’s banter unfiltered.  So was born The Xcast!  With the addition of Jimmy D, The Xcast shed all of its family friendly demeanor and became the raw, honest and unabashedly adult show that it is today.  Field by “sizer” and anger, the crew brings you the best of geek news, rants and raves that you are ever going to find.  Interacting with the guests who text in or who join in the chatroom, the hosts give it their all each week to entertain and maybe even talk about stuff that people truly care about.

The show is ever changing and evolving and even after all the shows they have done, The Xcast crew is not afraid to change it up to suit its audience!

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